Inspiring Primary Teaching

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September 2006



This book is for all primary teaching professionals - whether in training or qualified - and is a response to the fast pace of change in contemporary primary education. Giving comprehensive and up to date coverage of the major themes in teacher education, its particular emphasis is on interactive teaching skills and developing effective relationships in the classroom. The book focuses throughout on the many human interactions in classrooms, taking close account of the realities facing teachers. In addition, issues and dilemmas which pose profound questions for educators are threaded throughout the book, encouraging reflection and analysis.


Setting the scene
Characteristics of effective teachers
Making teaching work
Effective questioning
A purposeful learning environment
Effective communication
Creativity and imagination
The eternal teacher


Dr Hayes spent 17 years in a variety of primary schools, including two deputy headships and a headship. Denis is widely published and has written numerous books, all with relevance to primary teaching. He believes that the vast majority of primary teachers are motivated by altruism and the opportunity to positively influence young minds, such that teaching is as much a 'calling' as a career. Denis has a research interest in motivation for teaching and trainee teacher experiences on school placement.


"There's no one working in or around a school, at any level, who won't learn from its wisdom and insight" (Book of the Week, TES)
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