Coordination Technology for Collaborative Applications

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Februar 1998



Given the broad popularity of Internet technology, even in its present immature state, and also the recent progress made towards a human-centered view of information technology, the time now seems ripe to essentially extend the scope and power of enterprise information systems.This carefully arranged book concentrates on the relationships between coordination technology and business application requirements and introduces general elements of a cooperative infrastructure allowing for the construction of collaborative applications. It is essential reading for research and development professionals active in the area as well as for IT managers interested in applying this promising new technology in order to remain competitive in the future.


A perspective on technology-assisted collaboration.- Coordination in knowledge-intensive organizations.- Co-ordination of management activities - Mapping organisational structure to the decision structure.- A cooperative approach to distributed applications engineering.- Towards logic programming based coordination in virtual worlds.- Enhancement of creative aspects of a daily conversation with a topic development agent.- Coordinating human and computer agents.- Coordination in workflow management systems - A rule-based approach.- A framework and mathematical model for collaboration technology.- Practical experiences and requirements on workflow.- Coordination science: Challenges and directions.- Supporting autonomous work and reintegration in collaborative systems.- Workspace awareness for distributed teams.- GeM and WeBUSE: Towards a WWW-database interface.- Post-client/server coordination tools.- An experimental delay analysis for local audio video streams for desktop collaborations.- Supporting both client-server and peer-to-peer models in a framework of a distributed object management system.


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