The Devs of Cincvad: A Lineage and the State in Maharashtra

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September 2007



This study of the power of lineage in India examines some of the traditional social structures which transcended the political upheavals of British rule.


List of figures and tables; Preface; List of abbreviations and note on Indian technical usages; Introduction: an inamdar lineage in Indian history; Part I. The Inamdar under the Marathas: 1. The acquisition of inam; 2. The preservation of inam, 1720-1818; Part II. The Inamdar Under the British: 3. Introduction to Part Two; 4. From ritual grandee to state pensioner: varsasans and the Morgav pilgrimage; 5. An inamdar's domain: Cincvad and the commerce of Pune-Haveli; 6. The genesis and operation of the Inam Commission; 7. Claiming an inheritance: the Inam Commission and the Cincvad Samsthan; 8. Conclusion: an inamdar's rights and the authority of the state; Bibliography; Index.
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