Bankruptcy and Insolvency Accounting

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Accountants and financial managers are often the first professionals to realize that a financial problem exists within a corporation but must be familiar with the various alternatives available to clients before they can offer solutions.


Preface. Acknowledgements. About the Author. Part One: Bankruptcy and Insolvency Environment. Accountant's and Financial Advisor's Role in Perspective. Economic Causes of Business Failures. Part Two: Legal Aspects of Bankruptcy and Insolvency Proceedings. Turnaround Process. Nonbankrutpcy Proceedings. Nature of Bankruptcy and Insolvency Proceedings. Rehabilitation Proceedings Under the Bankruptcy Code. Retention of the Financial Advisor and Fees. Accounting and Financial Services for Debtors-in-Possession or Trustee. Other Financial Advisory Services for Debtors-in-Possession or Trustee. Accounting and Financial Services for the Creditors' Committee. Valuation of a Business in Bankruptcy Proceedings. Part Three: Investigation and Reports. Special Areas of Inquiry. Financial Reporting During Bankruptcy. Reporting Results of the Plan. Reporting on an Insolvent Company. Tax Awareness. Appendix: Statement of Position Statutes Citations. Case Index. Name Index. Subject Index.
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