Newlywed Nag Notes: The New & Improved Way to Nag!

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Januar 2008



"Honey, did you: take out the garbage?" Postpone marital conflict with these handy Nag Notes and make nagging as simple and stress-free as checking a box. Every note includes a handy Nag Back response section because, like marriage, nagging is a two-way street.


Susan Carp and Julie Marcus are principals of The Imagineering Company, a concept and copyrighting firm in San Francisco. When they're not writing for advertising and marketing clients, they're creating products for the gift market and developing journals like "PaperPalm," "Books to Check Out," "Books to Check Out for Kids," "Restaurants to Check Out," "Movies to Check Out," "Places to Check Out," "Do You Daydream in Color?," the "Cell Phone Book," and the "Hello My Name Is"... Baby Naming Journal for Chronicle Books.
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