Torment of the Soul: Suicidal Depression and Spirituality

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Oktober 2007



This book explores the ways spirituality interacts with suicidal depression. This is not a book of answers nor is it a research study; rather, this is a book of questions that looks at suicide with human eyes and spiritual insight. Through the experiences and studies of the two authors, we explore the role that faith plays in the life of a depressed person who is considering suicide, as well as the cultural history and religious beliefs on suicide. There is not a single way to deal with suicide and depression. However, the unexplored areas of spirituality may provide additional insight for understanding and coping with the disease, as well as the emotional effect of such final act. In the end, we hope this book will provide a better understanding of why some suicidal people are able to utilize faith to help them overcome the lowest points of depression, and why some people, no matter the spirituality they have, find death the only solution.

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