The Messiah Formerly Known as Jesus

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An hysterically funny foray into pop Christianity


Introduction: The Internet Theologian Speaks; Everything You Need to Know about Christianity, Minus the Boring Parts; What Job Can Teach Us about Dating High School Girls, or Bible Translations Wycliffe Never Intended; Deck the Halls with Lawsuits; Number One Song in Heaven; A Field Guide to the Major North American Jesuses; A Way, the Truthiness, & the Lifestyle; Applying the Hypostatic Union to a Winning Zone Defense; Page-turners of the Last Days; Conclusion: The Further Adventures of Jesus.


"In this entertaining gem of religious satire, Breen, an AP journalist, skewers American Christianity from every imaginable angle. Calling himself the 'Internet Theologian, ' Breen romps through the Bible, religious history, denominational differences. Halloween, contemporary Christian music and spectator sports, among other topics. Some of the book is pure silliness, but other sections achieve that elusive 'perfect storm' where humor is sharpened by raw intelligence and a keen knowledge of history and theology. Even Breen's glossary of terms is hilarious. Heck, even his endnotes are funny and not to be missed. (One says merely, 'Seriously. Wasn't Calvin a nut?') Readers seeking irreverent, laugh-out-loud musings on the sometimes ludicrous intersections between faith and pop culture will want to read this insouciant guide."
--"Publisher's Weekly"
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Untertitel: Dispatches from the Intersection of Christianity and Pop Culture. Sprache: Englisch.
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