The Secret of Gold

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Oktober 2007



"WHAT is it," asked the Sphinx, "that walks on four legs in the morning, on two legs at noon and on three legs in the evening?" And all who passed her way had to answer that question-or be devoured!

That was the Riddle of the Sphinx of olden days. But to modern man has come a far more difficult one-

"How can I earn more money? How can I make enough to get the necessities and the comforts of life to which my family and I are entitled?"

That is the eternal question which confronts you and will haunt you every day until you solve it. That is the present-day Riddle of the Sphinx that devours all who fail to answer it.

For lack is the greatest evil that mankind has to contend with.

Yet every man knows that in this old earth of ours are riches and abundance sufficient not merely for every soul now on this planet-but for all who ever will be! And in the very first chapter of the Bible, It is written that, "God gave man dominion over all the earth."

Not only that, but more than half the prophecies in the Scriptures refer to the time when man shall possess the earth. When tears and sorrow shall be unknown. When riches and abundance shall be yours for the taking.

That time is here-here and now for those who understand the power and the availability of that mysterious, half recognized Spirit within which so few people know, but which, fully understood, can do anything.

But in no book ever written is there any complete explanation of this Spirit within, any complete directions for availing one's-self of its infinite power and understanding. In no book, that is, but one!

And in the following pages I shall show you what that one Book is and where to find the directions which tell you how to harness this truly illimitable power, how to make it bring to you anything of good you may desire. For-

"There hath not failed one word of all His good promises, which He promised by the hand of Moses, His servant."-I. KINGS, 8:56.



Chapter 1: The Genii of the Lamp
Chapter 2: The Spirit Within
Chapter 3: The Lode Star
Chapter 4: The Man of Brass
Chapter 5: Start Something!
Chapter 6: Rough Diamonds
Chapter 7: Ich Dien-I Serve
Chapter 8: The Coming of the Spirit
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