Developments in Soft Computing

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Soft Computing has come of age. In particular, Artificial Neural Networks, Fuzzy Logic and Evolutionary Computing now play an important role in many domains where traditional techniques have been found wanting. As this volume confirms, hybrid solutions that combine more than one of the Soft Computing approaches are particularly successful in many problem areas. This volume contains papers presented at the International Conference on Recent Advances in Soft Computing 2000 at De Montfort University in Leicester. The contributions cover both theoretical developments and practical applications in the various areas of Soft Computing.


Pleanary Address: K. Warwick: How Intelligent Can a Mobile Robot Be? Theoretical Development:A. Abraham, B. Nath: Hybrid Heuristics for Optimal Design of Artificial Neural Networks.- M.J. Allen, Q.H. Mehdi, N.E. Gough, I.M. Coulson: Efficient Image Sequence Analysis Using Fuzzy Techniques.- P.P. Angelov, R.A. Buswell, V.I. Hanby, J.A. Wright: Automatic Generation of Fuzzy Rule-based Models from Data by Genetic Algorithms.- D. Boixader, J. Recasens: Resemblance Relations and Fuzzy Weak Orderings.- B.S. Butkiewicz: Fuzzy Control System with B-operations.- K. Chakrabarty: Roughness Indicator Fuzzy Set.- N. Crook, T.O. Scheper: Dynamic Recognition States for Chaotic Neural Networks.- O. Farooq, S. Datta: A Neural Network Phoneme Classification Based on Wavelet Features.- P.R. Innocent: Fuzzy Symptoms and a Decision Support Index for the Early Diagnosis of Confusable Diseases.- C.G. Johnson: Finding Diverse Examples Using Genetic Algorithms.- J. Pagonis, M.C. Sinclair: Evolving User Profiles to Reduce Internet Information Overload.- H. Roubos, M.Setnes, J. Abonyi: Learning Fuzzy Classification Rules from Data.- T. Watson, P. Messer: Increasing Diversity in Genetic Algorithms.- J. Williams, N. STeele, H. Robinson: Modelling Non-Numeric Linguistic Variables. Application Exemplars: R. Adama-Acquah, J. Garibaldi, I. Symonds: A Preliminary Fuzzy Model to Identify Abnormal Cervical Smears Using Fourier Transform Infrared Spectroscopy.- D. Azzi, A.E. Gegov, G.S. Virk, B.P. Haynes, K. Alkadhimi: Application of Soft-Computing Techniques in Modelling of Buildings.- W. Barra Jr., J.A. Lima Barreiros: Neuro-Fuzzy Adaptive Strategies Applied to Power System Stabilization.- S. Berry, V. Lowndes: Using Genetic Algorithms to Incorporate Taste into Diets.- S.J. Cuddy, P.W.J. Glover: The Application of Fuzzy Logic and Genetic Algorithms to Oil Exploration.- J.W. Davidson, D.A. Savic, G.A. Walters: Symbolic and Numerical Regression: Experiments and Applications.- D.Drabble, P.V.S. Ponnapalli, M. Thomson: G.A. Optimisation of PID Controllers - Optimal Fitness Functions.- H. Duman, H. Hu: Fuzzy Logic for Behaviour Co-ordination and Multi-Agent Formation in RoboCup.- H. Hagras, V. Callaghan, M. Colley, G. Clarke: A Hierarchical Fuzzy Genetic Multi-Agent Architecture for Intelligent Buildings Sensing and Control.- A.A. Odusanya, M.O. Odetayo, D. Petrovic, R.N.G. Naguib: The Use of Evolutionary and Fuzzy Models for Oncological Prognosis.- K. Patel, A. Tuson, A. Coulson, S. Sturrock, R. Fisher: Evolving Protein Similarity Scoring Matrices Using Differential Evolution.- J.G. Qi, D.J. Stockton, D.K. Harrison, J. Ardon-Finch: A Machine Process Cost Estimate Utilising Genetic Algorithms.
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