Consider the Source: Documents in Latin American History: Latin America: An Interpretive History Eighth Edition

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November 2006



The documents section from the seventh edition of Latin America: An Interpretive History has been expanded and converted into this separate booklet.


Introduction Evaluating a Document Worksheet for Analyzing Primary Sources Chapter One: Land and People First Voyage of Columbus Second Voyage of Columbus Alexander von Humboldt Travels in South America Gabriel Mistral, "My Homeland" Chapter Two: From Conquest to Empire A Conquistador's View A Nahua View of Conquest The Queen Approves Encomiendas Spaniards and Encomiendas An Indigenous Cabildo Writes to the Crown, 1554 Equiano: A Slave En Route to the New World Chapter Three: Independence On Tupac Amaru: The Fiscal Speaks On Tupac Amaru: A Wife Speaks Simon Bolivar: The Jamaica Letter Chapter Four: Early Republics Domingo F. Sarmiento, Civilization and Barbarism "El Guacho Martin Fierro" "I Must Insist on This Matter of Race" Chapter Five: The Emergence of the Modern State Just Sierra: In Support of Porfirio Diaz The Darker Side of Modernization: "Rosaura" Chapter Six: New Actors on an Old Stage Jose Marti: Our America The Platt Amendment Anarchist Women in Sao Paulo Chapter Seven: The Mexican Revolution Madera's Plan de San Luis Potosi Zapata's Plan de Ayala "La Adelita" Chapter Eight: World War to Cold War Raul Prebisch: The Periphery Versus the Center John C. Dreier: Communism in the Americas Pablo Neruda, "The United Fruit Company" Chapter Nine: The Revolutionary Option Fidel Castro, "History Will Absolve Me" Nicolas Guillen, "I Have" Leonel Rugama, 'The Earth Is a Satellite of the Moon" Chapter Ten: Debt and Dictatorship Medellin Document on Peace: Pastoral Conclusions Never Again: Reports on Torturers in Argentina, Brazil, and Guatemala Chapter Eleven: Forward Into the Past Statistics on Latin America and the United States, 2005 Hugo Chavez Speaks at the 2005 World Social Forum Jose Emilio Pacheco: The Twentieth-Centurians
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