Deleuze a Critical Reader

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This collection brings together Gilles Deleuze's criticism and commentary published in recent years, along with essays by contributors knowledgable enough to write on Deleuze. It is distinguished by its orientation towards Deleuze's solo work, particularly his major philosophical works.


Contributors. Acknowledgements. 1. Introduction: Paul Patton. 2. The Eye of the Outside: Jean--Clet Martin. 3. Deleuzea s Theory of Sensation: Overcoming the Kantian Dulaity: Daniel W Smith. 4. Idea and Destination: Jean--Michel Salanskis. 5. Deleuze--Bergson: an Ontology of the Virtual: Constantin V Boundas. 6.The Deleuzian Fold of Thought: Jean--Luc Nancy. 7. Whoa s Afraid of Hegelian wolves?: Catherine Malabou. 8.The Encounter with Spinoza: Pierre Macherey. 9. Through a Spinozist Lens: Ethology, Difference, Power: Moira Gatens. 10. Six Notes on the Percept (On the Relation between the Critical and the Clinical): Francois Zourabichvili. 11. The Autonomy of Affect: Brian Massumi. 12. Schizoanalysis and Baudelaire: Some Illustrations of Decoding at Work: Eugene W Holland. 13. Gilles Deleuze: The Aesthetics of Force: Ronald Bogue. 14. Bibliography of the Works of Gilles Deleuze: Timothy S Murphy. Index.


Paul Patton is Senior Lecturer in Philosophy at the University of Sydney, where he specializes in continental European philosophy and political theory. His publications include Deleuze and Political Theory (1996); the English--language translation of Deleuzea s Difference and Repetition (1994); and Nietzsche, Femisinism and Political Theory (1993), of which he is the editor.
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