International Environmental Law Reports: Volume 5, International Environmental Law in International Tribunals

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The fifth and final volume of the International Environmental Law Reports collects together eighteen decisions from international tribunals. As well as decisions of the International Court of Justice, the volume includes decisions from the International Tribunal for the Law of the Sea, various arbitral tribunals and the United Nations Compensation Commission. The comprehensive case summaries are also backed up by detailed cross references to original sources. Covering four decades of legal proceedings, this volume brings the ‘classic’ decisions up to date with the major modern decisions of international tribunals.


Part I. International Court of Justice: 1. Fisheries Jurisdiction Case (United Kingdom v. Iceland); 2. Fisheries Jurisdiction Case (Federal Republic of Germany v. Iceland); 3. Nuclear Tests Case (New Zealand v. France); 4. Case concerning Certain Phosphate Lands in Nauru (Nauru v. Australia); 5. Request for an Examination of the Situation in accordance with Paragraph 63 of the Court's Judgment of 20 December 1974 in the Nuclear Tests (New Zealand v. France) Case; 6. Legality of the Use by a State of Nuclear Weapons in Armed Conflict (Request by the World Health Organization for an Advisory Opinion); 7. Legality of the Threat or Use of Nuclear Weapons (Request by the United Nations General Assembly for an Advisory Opinion); 8. Case concerning the Gabcíkovo-Nagymaros Project (Hungary v. Slovakia); 9. Fisheries Jurisdiction Case (Spain v. Canada); Part II. International Tribunal for the Law of the Sea: 10. Southern Bluefin Tuna Cases (New Zealand v. Japan) (Australia v. Japan) (Requests for Provisional Measures); 11. The MOX Plant Case (Ireland v. United Kingdom) (Request for Provisional Measures); 12. The 'Volga' Case (Russian Federation v. Australia) (Application for Prompt Release); 13. Case concerning Land Reclamation by Singapore in and around the Straits of Johor (Malaysia v. Singapore) (Request for Provisional Measures); Part III. Arbitral Tribunals: 14. Southern Bluefin Tuna Case (Australia and New Zealand v. Japan); 15. The MOX Plant Case (Ireland v. United Kingdom); 16. Dispute Concerning Access to Information under Article 9 of the OSPAR Convention (Ireland v. United Kingdom); Part IV. United Nations Compensation Commission: 17. Report and Recommendations made by the Panel of Commissioners appointed to review the Well Blowout Control Claim; 18. Report and Recommendations made by the Panel of Commissioners Concerning the First Installment of 'F4' Claims.
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