Computing Tomorrow

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September 2007



Collection of essays dealing with the future of computer science as a research subject.


Preface; Contributors; 1. The complexity of algorithms M. D. Atkinson; 2. Building novel software: the researcher and the marketplace P. J. Brown; 3. Prospects for artificial intelligence Alan Bundy; 4. Structured parallel programming: theory meets practice John Darlington, Yi-ke Guo and Hing Wing To; 5. Computer science and mathematics J. H. Davenport; 6. Paradigm merger in natural language processing Gerald Gazdar; 7. Large databases and knowledge reuse P. M. D. Gray; 8. The global-yet-personal information system J. R. Gurd and C. B. Jones; 9. Algebra and models C. A. R. Hoare; 10. Real-time computing Mathai Joseph; 11. Evaluation of software dependability Bev Littlewood; 12. Engineering safety-critical systems John A. McDermid; 13. Semantic ideas in computing Robin Milner; 14. Computers and communications R. M. Needham; 15. Interactive computing in tomorrow's computer science William Newman; 16. On the importance of being the right size Simon Peyton Jones; References; Index.


Review of the hardback: 'Computing Tomorrow lifts you out of the usual lemming hype about computers to the central research issues ... these 16 essays by leading British academics range from the overacting human issues, down to the fascinating mathematical problems.' New Scientist
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