Policies for Distributed Systems and Networks

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Januar 2001



Policy based systems are the subject of a wide range of activities in univer- ties, standardisation bodies, and within industry. They have a wide spectrum of applications ranging from quality of service management within networks to - curity and enterprise modelling. This Lecture Notes volume collects the papers presented at the workshop on Policies for Distributed Systems and Networks held at the Hewlett-Packard Laboratories in Bristol, UK in January 2001. After a rigorous review process 16 papers were selected from 43 submissions. Within the Internet community there is considerable interest in policy based networking. A number of companies have announced tools to support the sp- i?cation and deployment of policies. Much of this work is focused on policies for quality of service management within networks and the Internet Engineering and Distributed Management Task Force (IETF/DMTF) is actively working on standards related to this area. The security community has focused on the speci?cation and analysis of - cess control policy which has evolved into the work on Role-Based Access Control (RBAC). There has been work over a number of years in the academic c- munity on speci?cation and analysis of policies for distributed systems mostly concentrating on authorisation policies. Although there are strong similarities in the concepts and techniques used by the di?erent communities there is no commonly accepted terminology or notation for specifying policies.


Policy Specification and Analysis.- Author Obliged to Submit Paper before 4 July: Policies in an Enterprise Specification.- The Ponder Policy Specification Language.- IPSec/VPN Security Policy: Correctness, Conflict Detection, and Resolution.- Monitors for History-Based Policies.- RBAC and Security Policy.- A Type/Domain Security Policy for Internet Transmission, Sharing, and Archiving of Medical and Biological Data.- Tower: A Language for Role Based Access Control.- Translating Role-Based Access Control Policy within Context.- Model-Based Tool-Assistance for Packet-Filter Design.- Network Policy Realization.- Policy Based SLA Management in Enterprise Networks.- Integrating Goal Specification in Policy-Based Management.- Taxonomy and Description of Policy Combination Methods.- Issues in Managing Soft QoS Requirements in Distributed Systems Using a Policy-Based Framework.- Perspectives on Policy Architectures.- A Policy Based Management Architecture for Large Scale Active Communication Systems.- Policy-Driven Management of Agent Systems.- On Policy-Based Extensible Hierarchical Network Management in QoS-Enabled IP Networks.- Towards Extensible Policy Enforcement Points.
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