Implementation of Functional Languages

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Juli 2000



This book constitutes the thoroughly refereed post-workshop proceedings of the 11th International Workshop on the Implementation of Functional Languages, IFL'99, held in Lochem, The Netherlands, in September 1999.The 11 revised full papers presented were carefully selected during two rounds of reviewing. The papers are organized in sections on applications, compilation techniques, language concepts, and parallelism.


Applications.- Using Clean for Platform Games.- Compilation Techniques.- Type-Inference Based Short Cut Deforestation (Nearly) without Inlining.- Stretching the Storage Manager: Weak Pointers and Stable Names in Haskell.- Optimising Recursive Functions Yielding Multiple Results in Tuples in a Lazy Functional Language.- On Code Generation for Multi-generator WITH-Loops in SAC.- A Reversible SE(M)CD Machine.- Language Concepts.- The Implementation of Interactive Local State Transition Systems in Clean.- C HASKELL, or Yet Another Interfacing Tool.- Reflections in Opal - Meta Information in a Functional Programming Language.- Haskell-Coloured Petri Nets.- Parallelism.- HaskSkel: Algorithmic Skeletons in Haskell.


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