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Developed in partnership with The Royal Shakespeare Company, this fresh new Complete Works combines the very latest scholarship with elegant writing and design. It boasts a wealth of features that will appeal to public and academic libraries, teachers, students and lovers of Shakespeare everywhere, including: A definitive modernized edition of Shakespeare's text based on the 1623 First Folio (the first and original Complete Works lovingly assembled by Shakespeare's fellow actors and the version of Shakespeare's text preferred by many actors and directors today); Thought-provoking essays on each play and a superb general introduction by Professor Jonathan Bate; Jargon-free on-page notes which explain words or references unfamiliar to modern audiences;
Photographs of classic or unusual performances;
Clear, single-column page design, with plenty of space for writing notes;
A key facts 'box' for each play which summarises the plot, major roles, language and sources.

Leading the editorial team is renowned Shakespearean scholar Professor Jonathan Bate who has worked in close collaboration over many years with the artists and archivists at the RSC. His introductions and notes draw on a unique wealth of experience and resources and will help the reader to understand Shakespeare's plays as they were originally intended - as living theatre to be enjoyed and performed.


Preface; J.BateGeneral Introduction; J.BateA User's GuidePreliminary pages of the First FolioForeword; M.Boyd, Artistic Director, Royal Shakespeare CompanyWILLIAM SHAKESPEARE: COMPLETE WORKSFor each play:Individual introduction by Jonathan BateOn-page footnote gloss which explains unfamiliar or obsolete words and classical, biblical or contemporary references where WS assumes audience knowledgeAppendices of any significant passages that are not in First Folio 'Key Facts' box with: plot summary, major roles, date, linguistic medium, sources, textual notesCOMEDIESThe Tempest The Two Gentlemen of VeronaThe Merry Wives of WindsorMeasure for MeasureThe Comedy of ErrorsMuch Ado about NothingLove's Labour's LostA Midsummer Night's DreamThe Merchant of VeniceAs You Like ItThe Taming of the ShrewAll's Well that Ends WellTwelfth Night, or What You WillThe Winter's TaleHISTORIESThe Life and Death of King JohnThe Life and Death of King Richard the SecondThe First Part of Henry the Fourth, with the Life and Death of Henry surnamed HotspurThe Second Part of Henry the Fourth, containing his Death and the Coronation of King Henry the FifthThe Life of Henry the FifthThe First Part of Henry the SixthThe Second Part of Henry the Sixth, with the Death of the Good Duke HumphreyThe Third Part of Henry the Sixth, with the Death of the Duke of YorkThe Tragedy of Richard the Third, with the Landing of Earl Richmond and the Battle at Bosworth FieldThe Famous History of the Life of King Henry the EighthTRAGEDIESThe Tragedy of Troilus and CressidaThe Tragedy of CoriolanusThe Lamentable Tragedy of Titus AndronicusThe Tragedy of Romeo and JulietThe Life of Timon of AthensThe Tragedy of Julius CaesarThe Tragedy of MacbethThe Tragedy of Hamlet, Prince of DenmarkThe Tragedy of King LearThe Tragedy of Othello, the Moor of VeniceThe Tragedy of Antony and CleopatraThe Tragedy of CymbelinePLAYS NOT IN THE FIRST FOLIOPericles, Prince of Tyre, by William Shakespeare and George WilkinsThe Two Noble Kinsmen, by William Shakespeare and John FletcherPOEMS AND SONNETSVenus and AdonisThe Rape of Lucrece'Let the bird of loudest lay' (also known as 'The Phoenix and Turtle')'To the Queen'Shakespeare's SonnetsA Scene from Sir Thomas More(Introduction, transcription and modernized text by Eric Rasmussen)CHARTSShakespeare's Works: A Conjectural ChronologyKings and Queens of England: from the History Plays to Shakespeare's LifetimeThe Houses of Lancaster and York: A GenealogyThe history behind the histories: a chronologyThe history behind the tragedies: a chronologyAlphabetical Index of Plays and Poems


William Shakespeare (1564-1616) gilt als einer der größten Dichter und Dramatiker der Weltgeschichte. Er verfasste zahlreiche Dramen, Tragödien, Komödien und Gedichte, mit denen er schon zu Lebzeiten Anerkennung und Wohlstand errang. Aber erst in den folgenden Jahrhunderten wurde er zum Prototypen des literarischen Genies, ohne den die Entwicklung der neueren Literatur von Goethe über Brecht bis in die Gegenwart hinein undenkbar ist.


'One of the virtues of the approach Bate and Rasmussen have taken is to offer fresh ways of presenting the plays' - Peter Holland, TLS
'This new Complete Works from the RSC is a glorious edition of one of the world's most important books. It's the essential reference book for anyone who's ever been in love, felt jealousy, fear, hatred, or desire. All human life is here - and every home should have one.' - Dame Judi Dench
'The paper quality and page design are excellent, and the illustrations in the introductory materials are lavish and well reproduced ...a virtual comet-tail of supplementary materials are to be found at www.rscshakespeare.co.uk - the RSC is certainly the first edition of Shakespeare to provide a link to it's editor's blog.... Bate's general introduction to Shakespeare's life, stage and reputation is superb, and the short introductions to individual works, in particular, are among the best of their kind available...they manage to speak about what really matters about the plays to readers who wish, whether they are already familiar with them or not, to come to them freshly.' - Michael Dobson, writing in The London Review of Books
'Timely, original, and beautifully conceived, the RSC edition makes Shakespeare's extraordinary accomplishment more vivid than ever.' - James Shapiro, Professor, Columbia University and prize-winning author of 1599: A Year in the Life of Shakespeare
'Everything about this edition is outstanding. To begin with, it's an attractively produced volume of the plays based on the 1623 First Folio, the landmark Shakespeare edition. Second, it's the work of two fine scholars who have harvested the labours of many experts to produce an edition that contains the fruit of the best contemporary research. Third, this exemplary text has greatly benefited from the active involvement of the RSC, a company whose recent work has exhibited an almost obsessional devotion to the meaning of Shakespeare's words in performance.' - Robert McCrum writing in The Observer
'A handsome volume...printed on fine paper and elegantly designed... This is a beautiful book that will be a pleasure to own.' - Good Book Guide
'Professor Jonathan Bate has written thought provoking essays for each play, discussing the source material and its influence on the play as well as pointing out the familiarities...for...contemporary audiences... The glossary includes much that has been ignored in the past, enlightening the new student...as well as adding to the vocabulary of those who have been enjoying his plays all their lives... This volume is an invaluable resource to anyone interested in or simply in love with Shakespeare.' - Speech and Drama
'... anyone who wants a good single volume edition of the plays... won't do better than this.' - Tribune
'Bate provides excellent introductory essays to each play and his terrific introduction, simply and effectively summarising everything you need to know about Shakespeare, man and work, is alone worth buying the edition for.' - The Daily Express
'Thanks to Bate and Rasmussen, we now have a rendering of the Complete Works that, in a rare publishing achievement, would also give complete satisfaction to the author himself.' - Robert McCrum, The Observer
'A magnificent new volume.' - A. N. Wilson, Daily Telegraph
'A triumphant addition to our times.' - Fiona Shaw, The Times
'This outstanding new edition of Shakespeare's plays is the closest yet to the originals ... a new and thoroughly radical edition ... supervised by Jonathan Bate, an outstanding scholar (and author of the best existing biography of Shakespeare) who writes with as much elegance as insight about the making of theatre and the creation of the plays... an impeccably informative introduction gives a comprehensive theatrical, social, political and biographical context to the plays. There are pithy essays, also by Bate, to introduce each play as well as exemplary notes at the foot of each page which translate verbal and topical obscurities ... for actors and directors it will be incomparably useful, but for any curious reader of Shakespeare's plays it provides an invaluable guide to reading them not as novels or dramatic poems, but as they were intended to be read: blueprints for live performance.' - Richard Eyre, The Sunday Telegraph
'Excellent, succinct notes and introductions to each play.'- John Carey, The Sunday Times
'A splendid edition. The general introduction is among the best 50-page guides to Shakespeare you could hope to find, while the short essays prefixed to each play are like the best kind of programme notes - informative, thought-provoking and humane. Marginal notes help readers imagine what's happening onstage ... The RSC's edition tells you all you need to know about the life, but also, vitally, allows you to lose yourself in the wonder of the works.' -
Dr Colin Burrow, All Souls College, Oxford University, writing in The Evening Standard
'This is a handsome and fascinating edition, elegantly set and easy to read.' - The Australian

'The Complete Works has become the one-volume Shakespeare of choice.' - Plays International

'This marvellous Complete Works has the advantage of being both scholarly and eminently readable...If the motivation behind this new publication was to make Shakespeare more accessible, then one can only praise all the parties involved. This is an edition set to last...and to treasure.' - Lancashire Evening Post

Listed as one of Brian Blessed's 'My Six Best Books' - The Daily Express

'... a timely reflection of the recent critical re-engagement with the significance of the Folio texts.' - English Studies
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