Verbal and Nonverbal Communication Behaviours

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November 2007



This book constitutes the thoroughly refereed post-proceedings of the COST Action 2102 International Workshop on Verbal and Nonverbal Communication Behaviours held in Vietri sul Mare, Italy, in March 2007. The twenty six revised full papers presented together with one introductory paper comprise carefully reviewed and selected participants' contributions and invited lectures given at the workshop. The papers are organized in topical sections.


COST 2102: Cross-Modal Analysis of Verbal and Nonverbal Communication (CAVeNC).- I - Verbal and Noverbal Coding Schema.- Annotation Schemes for Verbal and Non-Verbal Communication: Some General Issues.- Presenting in Style by Virtual Humans.- Analysis of Nonverbal Involvement in Dyadic Interactions.- II - Emotional Expressions.- Children's Perception of Musical Emotional Expressions.- Emotional Style Conversion in the TTS System with Cepstral Description.- Meaningful Parameters in Emotion Characterisation.- III - Gestural Expressions.- Prosodic and Gestural Expression of Interactional Agreement.- Gesture, Prosody and Lexicon in Task-Oriented Dialogues: Multimedia Corpus Recording and Labelling.- Egyptian Grunts and Transportation Gestures.- IV - Analysis and Algorithms for Verbal and Nonverbal Speech.- On the Use of NonVerbal Speech Sounds in Human Communication.- Speech Spectrum Envelope Modeling.- Using Prosody in Fixed Stress Languages for Improvement of Speech Recognition.- Single-Channel Noise Suppression by Wavelets in Spectral Domain.- Voice Source Change During Fundamental Frequency Variation.- A Gesture-Based Concept for Speech Movement Control in Articulatory Speech Synthesis.- A Novel Psychoacoustically Motivated Multichannel Speech Enhancement System.- Analysis of Verbal and Nonverbal Acoustic Signals with the Dresden UASR System.- V - Machine Multimodal Interaction.- VideoTRAN: A Translation Framework for Audiovisual Face-to-Face Conversations.- Spoken and Multimodal Communication Systems in Mobile Settings.- Multilingual Augmentative Alternative Communication System.- Analysis and Synthesis of Multimodal Verbal and Non-verbal Interaction for Animated Interface Agents.- Generating Nonverbal Signals for a Sensitive Artificial Listener.- Low-Complexity Algorithms for Biometric Recognition.- Towards to Mobile Multimodal Telecommunications Systems and Services.- Embodied Conversational Agents in Wizard-of-Oz and Multimodal Interaction Applications.- Telling Stories with a Synthetic Character: Understanding Inter-modalities Relations.
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