Mobile Ad-hoc and Sensor Networks

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November 2007



This book constitutes the refereed proceedings of the Third International Conference on Mobile Ad-hoc and Sensor Networks, MSN 2007, held in Beijing, China, in December 2007. The 73 revised full papers presented together with 2 keynote speeches were carefully reviewed and selected from a total of 304 submissions. The papers address all current issues in mobile ad hoc and sensor networks and are organized in topical sections on routing, network protocols, energy efficiency, data processing, self-organization and synchronization, deployment and application, as well as security.


Keynote Speech.- Information Intensive Wireless Sensor Networks: Challenges and Solutions.- QoS-Aware Cooperative and Opportunistic Scheduling Exploiting Multi-user Diversity for Rate Adaptive Ad Hoc Networks.- Routing.- Modeling the Effect of Forwarding in a Multi-hop Ad Hoc Networks with Weighted Fair Queueing.- Localized Mobility Control Routing in Robotic Sensor Wireless Networks.- A Hierarchical Multicast Routing Based on Inter-cluster Group Mesh for Mobile Ad Hoc Networks.- Load-Balancing Using Multi-path Directed Diffusion in Wireless Sensor Networks.- Flattening the Gap Between Source-Destination Paths in Energy Efficient Greedy Georouting in Wireless Sensor Networks.- Adaptive Topology Based Gossiping in VANETs Using Position Information.- A Routing Protocol for Balancing Energy Consumption in Heterogeneous Wireless Sensor Networks.- Novel Hierarchical Based Route Optimization Scheme for Nested Mobile Network: Design and Performance Evaluation.- Reputation-Based Routing in Hybrid Ad Hoc Networks.- Reducing the Message Overhead of AODV by Using Link Availability Prediction.- An Energy-Efficient and Low-Latency Sink Positioning Approach for Wireless Sensor Networks.- Applications and Performances of Extended TTDDs in Large-Scale Wireless Sensor Networks.- Crosslayer Design Protocol Using Geographical Information in Wireless Sensor Networks.- Protocol.- An Efficient Data Exchange Protocol Using Improved Star Trees in Wireless Sensor Networks.- Low-Latency Mobile IP Handover Based on Active-Scan Link Layer Assisted FMIPv6.- Achieving Efficiency Channel Utilization and Weighted Fairness in IEEE 802.11 WLANs with a P-Persistent Enhanced DCF.- Dynamic Hierarchical Location Management Scheme for Host Identity Protocol.- Migration Policies for Location-Centric Data Storage in Mobile Ad-Hoc Networks.- An Efficient and Low-Latency MAC Protocol for Wireless Sensor Network.- A Scalable Power-Efficient Data Gathering Protocol with Delay Guaranty for Wireless Sensor Networks.- An Efficient Rate-Adaptive MAC for IEEE 802.11.- MP-FMIPv6: MLD Proxy Based Fast Multicast Protocol for Mobile IPv6.- Performance Analysis of a Protocol for Network-Based Localized Mobility Management.- A MAC Protocol with Adaptive Preloads Considering Low Duty-Cycle in WSNs.- PTCP: Phase-Divided TCP Congestion Control Scheme in Wireless Sensor Networks.- A Low Latency MAC Scheme for Event-Driven Wireless Sensor Networks.- A Location Aided Flooding Protocol for Wireless Ad Hoc Networks.- A MAC-Layer Retransmission Algorithm Designed for Zigbee Protocol.- Performance Analysis of IEEE 802.11 in Multi-hop Wireless Networks.- ASDP: An Action-Based Service Discovery Protocol Using Ant Colony Algorithm in Wireless Sensor Networks.- Deadline Monotonic Policy over 802.11 Throughput and Average Service Time.- A Parallel Link State Routing Protocol for Mobile Ad-Hoc Networks.- Analytical Throughput for the Channel MAC Paradigm.- An Adaptive Transmission Control Scheme Based on TCP Vegas in MANETs.- A Study on the Binary Exponential Backoff in Noisy and Heterogeneous Environment.- Investigation of Power-Aware IEEE 802. 11 Performance in Multi-hop Ad Hoc Networks.- Access Scheduling on the Control Channels in TDMA Wireless Mesh Networks.- Energy Efficiency.- An Energy Efficient Communication Protocol Based on Data Equilibrium in Mobile Wireless Sensor Network.- Distributed Computation of Maximum Lifetime Spanning Subgraphs in Sensor Networks.- Maximizing Network Lifetime for Target Coverage Problem in Heterogeneous Wireless Sensor Networks.- Balancing Security and Energy Consumption in Wireless Sensor Networks.- A Trust Approach for Node Cooperation in MANET.- Data Processing.- A Clustering Algorithm Based on LBG and VQ in Mobile Ad Hoc Network.- Cooperation Transmission Without Perfect Synchronization for Wireless Sensor Networks Using Signal Space Diversity and STBC.- On the Temporal-Spatial Correlation Based Fault-Tolerant Dynamic Event Region Detection Scheme in Wireless Sensor Networks.- Self-organization and Synchronization.- Dynamic Simulation Based Localization for Mobile Sensor Networks.- SLTP: Scalable Lightweight Time Synchronization Protocol for Wireless Sensor Network.- Ensuring Area Coverage in Hybrid Wireless Sensor Networks.- Area Localization Algorithm for Mobile Nodes in Wireless Sensor Networks Based on Support Vector Machines.- A Dual-Token-Based Fault Tolerant Mutual Exclusion Algorithm for MANETs.- Study of a Cost-Effective Localization Algorithm in Wireless Sensor Networks.- Research on Clustering Strategy for Wireless Sensor Network Based on Fuzzy Theory.- Performance Analysis of the Energy Fairness Cooperation Enforcement Mechanism (EFCEM) in Ad Hoc Networks.- Deployment and Application.- Analysis of Higher Order Voronoi Diagram for Fuzzy Information Coverage.- Anonymous Mutual Authentication Protocol for RFID Tag Without Back-End Database.- ISMS-MANET: An Identifiers Separating and Mapping Scheme Based Internet Access Solution for Mobile Ad-Hoc Networks.- Using Packet Combination in Multi-query Optimization for Data Collection in Sensor Networks.- Relative Positions Within Small Teams of Mobile Units.- The Implementation of a Fully Integrated Scheme of self-Configuration and self-Organization (FISCO) on Imote2.- Truthful Resource Allocation in Selfish Sensor Web.- An Enhanced DV-hop Localization Algorithm for Irregularly Shaped Sensor Networks.- Model for Survivability of Wireless Sensor Network.- Reducing End-to-End Delay in Multi-path Routing Algorithms for Mobile Ad Hoc Networks.- Security.- Secure Intermediary Caching in Mobile Wireless Networks Using Asymmetric Cipher Sequences Based Encryption.- Secure Group Communication with Self-healing and Rekeying in Wireless Sensor Networks.- Multigrid Based Key Predistribution Scheme in Ad Hoc Networks.- A Secure Privacy-Preserving Hierarchical Location Service for Mobile Ad Hoc Networks.- LBKERS: A New Efficient Key Management Scheme for Wireless Sensor Networks.- SAPC: A Secure Aggregation Protocol for Cluster-Based Wireless Sensor Networks.- Misbehaviors Detection to Ensure Availability in OLSR.- Securing the Wireless LANs Against Internal Attacks.- Structures for Communication-Efficient Public Key Revocation in Ubiquitous Sensor Network.- A Method of Pair-Wise Key Distribution and Management in Distributed Wireless Sensor Networks.- A Stream-Data Oriented Secure Routing Protocol in Wireless Sensor Networks.- An Improved Key Management Scheme for Heterogeneity Wireless Sensor Networks.
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