Coleridge's Afterlives

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In this volume, thirteen essays examine the full breadth and variety of Coleridge's afterlives. Topics include philosophy, gender, imagination, American literature, South Asian literature, aesthetics, narrative, and poetry. It offers new research to the scholar, maps complex territory, and spans traditional period barriers in literary studies.


Preface Coleridge's Textual Afterlives;
J.Vigus 'Let not Bristol be ashamed?': Coleridge's Afterlife in the Early Recollections of Joseph Cottle;
L.Pratt De Quincey on Coleridge;
F.Burwick Romantic Fragments and Victorian Pluralisms: From Lyrical Ballads to Guesses at Truth ;
S.Prickett Gendering the Poet-Philosopher: Victorian 'Manliness' and Coleridgean 'Androgyny';
A.J.Harding Ralph Waldo Emerson and Coleridge's American Legacy;
L.D.Walls 'The Luther of Brahmanism': Coleridge and the Reformation of Hinduism;
D.S.Roberts 'I have strange powers of speech': Narrative Compulsion after Coleridge;
D.Karlin The Sin in Sincerity: ethics, aesthetics, and a critical tradition from Coleridge to Wilde;
J.Wright Imagination Amended: from Coleridge to Collingwood;
D.Hedley Coleridge's German Absolutism;
R.Wilson T. S. Eliot's Coleridge;
S.Perry The Consummate Symbol: A Coleridge Tradition;
P.Hamilton Afterword;
J.Beer Bibliography Index


JOHN BEER is Emeritus Professor of English Literature at Cambridge University, UK
FREDERICK BURWICK is Professor of English at University of California, Los Angeles, USA
PAUL HAMILTON is Professor of English and Drama at Queen Mary and Westfield, University of London, UK
ANTHONY JOHN HARDING is Professor of English at University of Saskatchewan, Canada
DOUGLAS HEDLEY is Senior Lecturer in the Faculty of Divinity, Cambridge University, UK
DANIEL KARLIN is Professor of English at University College London, UK
SEAMUS PERRY is Lecturer in English Literature at Oxford University, UK
LYNDA PRATT is Lecturer in Modern English Literature at University of Nottingham, UK
STEPHEN PRICKETT is Margaret Root Brown Professor for Browning Studies and Victorian Poetry at Baylor University, Texas, USA, and Regius Professor Emeritus of English Language and Literature at University of Glasgow, UK
DANIEL SANJIV ROBERTS is Senior Lecturer in Romantic Literature/Literature from the Indian Subcontinent at Queen's University, Belfast, UK
LAURA DASSOW WALLS is Professor of English at University of North Carolina, USA
ROSS WILSON is Junior Research Fellow at Cambridge University, UK


'A superb collection, and an important contribution to Coleridge studies that libraries and scholars will want to acquire.' - Dr Michael John Kooy, University of Warwick, UK
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