Keynes for the Twenty-First Century: The Continuing Relevance of the General Theory

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This book provides an assessment of the impact that Keynesian economics has had over the past 70 years, with contributions by many of Keynes's leading proponents.


The Continuing Legacy of John Maynard Keynes / L. Randall Wray / PART
I: THE KEYNESIAN REVOLUTION: DEVELOPMENT, INTRODUCTION, AND LEGACY * Keynes and Persuasion / Maria Cristina Marcuzzo * The 1930s and Beyond: The Beginnings of an American Keynesian - Theory, Policy, and Practitioners / W. Robert Brazelton * How Keynes Came to Canada: Mabel Timlin and Keynesian Economics / Robert W. Dimand * The Origins of Keynesian Economics and Some Applications to Restructuring and Globalization / Robert Skidelsky * Moving On: Where To? / Axel Leijonhufvud * PART
II: KEYNE'S CONTINUING IMPACT ON POLICY * Keynes in Latin America and Latin American Keynesianism / Julio López G. * The Continuing Policy Relevance of Keynes's General Theory / Jan Kregel * Macroeconomics of Stagnation and New Developmentalism in Latin America / Luiz Carlos Bresser-Pereira * Targeting Inflation and Full Employment in South America / Basil Moore * PART
III: EXTENSIONS AND NEW DIRECTIONS * The Structure of Post Keynesian Economics: The Core Contributions of the Pioneers / G. C. Harcourt * African American Reparations, Keynes, and the Transfer Problem / William Darity Jr. * Keynes and Globalization / James K. Galbraith * Money and Default * C. A. E. Goodhart


Mathew Forstater and L. Randall Wray


"The authors, all leading voices in the field, present original, thought-provoking research on Keynes in his time; the arrival of Keynes's economics in the Americas; suggested new directions for economic theory; and Post Keynesian critiques of current policy issues." -- Scott T. Fullwiler, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Economics, James A. Leach Chair in Banking and Monetary Economics, Wartburg College
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