Keynes for the Twenty-First Century: The Continuing Relevance of the General Theory

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This book provides an assessment of the impact that Keynesian economics has had over the past 70 years, with contributions by many of Keynes s leading proponents.


The Continuing Legacy of John Maynard Keynes / L. Randall Wray / PART
I: THE KEYNESIAN REVOLUTION: DEVELOPMENT, INTRODUCTION, AND LEGACY * Keynes and Persuasion / Maria Cristina Marcuzzo * The 1930s and Beyond: The Beginnings of an American Keynesian - Theory, Policy, and Practitioners / W. Robert Brazelton * How Keynes Came to Canada: Mabel Timlin and Keynesian Economics / Robert W. Dimand * The Origins of Keynesian Economics and Some Applications to Restructuring and Globalization / Robert Skidelsky * Moving On: Where To? / Axel Leijonhufvud * PART
II: KEYNE'S CONTINUING IMPACT ON POLICY * Keynes in Latin America and Latin American Keynesianism / Julio López G. * The Continuing Policy Relevance of Keynes's General Theory / Jan Kregel * Macroeconomics of Stagnation and New Developmentalism in Latin America / Luiz Carlos Bresser-Pereira * Targeting Inflation and Full Employment in South America / Basil Moore * PART
III: EXTENSIONS AND NEW DIRECTIONS * The Structure of Post Keynesian Economics: The Core Contributions of the Pioneers / G. C. Harcourt * African American Reparations, Keynes, and the Transfer Problem / William Darity Jr. * Keynes and Globalization / James K. Galbraith * Money and Default * C. A. E. Goodhart


Mathew Forstater and L. Randall Wray


"The authors, all leading voices in the field, present original, thought-provoking research on Keynes in his time; the arrival of Keynes's economics in the Americas; suggested new directions for economic theory; and Post Keynesian critiques of current policy issues." -- Scott T. Fullwiler, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Economics, James A. Leach Chair in Banking and Monetary Economics, Wartburg College
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