Death's Homeland

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April 2008



Dragan Dragojlovic asks in one poem, "What are we to do with so much grief?" His poetry captures the horror of the civil war and acts of genocide that ravaged Yugoslavia. What he does is tell the truth in startling images and expresses the resilience of the human spirit even in the midst of despair in such phrases as, "What joy a single star can bring.""The Sun Above A Naked Forest""What mercy
on a January day!
What a gift of Heaven!
through the fog,
through smoke and shooting,
through the frost that
makes fingers stick to metal,
the sun has emerged,
a magnificent sun
above the naked forest.
I shall only take a single beam
through this unexpected silence,
a single pace of the year-
the forest shall proliferate
to hide away this death,
to erase its trail
from the face of earth."Dragan Dragojlovic holds a master's degree in economics from Belgrade University. He has published eighteen books in the Serbian language, and thirteen books in foreign languages, including four in English. He has won several literary awards. He is currently the director of the Ivo Andric Foundation in Belgrade.

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