Implementing ISO/IEC 20000 Certification: The Roadmap

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Februar 2008



ISO/IEC 20000 is the corporate standard for achieving quality within IT Service Management. As individuals achieve success in Service Management frameworks such as ITIL®, many organizations have identified the benefits of making the jump to full corporate accreditation. But, having made the decision to invest in this standard, what is the best way to implement adoption in an efficient and successful way?
This thorough, practical guide has been put together by real experts with real experience of how ISO/IEC 20000 works in the workplace and in the real world.

Part A of this title covers the step by step description of the ISO 20000 implementation process.

Part B contains real case studies from organizations who have successfully achieved ISO/IEC accreditation.

This Official itSMF guide is unique in that it not only describes the implementation process. It also suggests solutions to common problems and set-backs. An understanding of the many business pressures means that practical guidance on the business case, measuring success (or not), or the need for quick wins are all included in this book, making it an invaluable companion for all those working on an implementation project.
A sister guide to the hugely successful Official itSMF 'Introduction to ISO/IEC 20000' book, readers will find that this book becomes a key asset in delivering a practical, down to earth implementation program. Foreword by John Stewart of OGC.


This ISO/IEC 20000 implementation guide contains practical advice on ISO/IEC 20000 certification, to assist readers through the requirements and details of the standard, the scoping, the project approach, the certification procedure and the management of the certificate. Detailed Case material supports the practical nature of this new title.




Jan van Bon is responsible for managing the content of the ITSM Library which is published on behalf of ITSMF International. He represents itSMF-NL on itSMF-International's Publication Committee.
During the last 8 years he produced around 40 books on IT S
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