When the Senate Cared

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November 2007



Bill Hildenbrand is as close to the total Senate man as I've ever met. -Former Majority Leader, Senator Howard Baker, as quoted in "The New York Times."
In this memoir one can find a refreshing sense of good humor injected into some of the most important episodes of our national history...and be glad that our distinguished good friend, the former Secretary of the United States Senate, took the time to write it. -Senator Thad Cochran.
... one of the honest "old pros" who smoothed my path in early Senate years. Dad (former Senator Milward Simpson) always referred to Bill as "one of nature's noble men." He is that. His memories as jogged here are special reading. -Former Senator Alan Simpson.
A must-read memoir packed with humor and insight, and a valuable critique for all who believe in and care about good government. -James Cannon, former Chief-of-Staff to Senate Majority Leader Howard Baker, and biographer of President Ford.

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