Confronting and Overcoming Arthritis: A Guide to the Emotional Challenges of Illness

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November 2007



Sound advice for dealing with the emotional impact of arthritis
"Reverend Seyfert, who himself has severe rheumatoid arthritis, has approached the problem of coping and adjusting in this volume. Without being unrealistic, he suggests a variety of techniques to once again gain reasonable control of the direction of one's life, even with an impairing arthritic disease. This may be more useful to our patients than many of the kind words and life style recommendations made by us-the treating physicians."-Gerson C. Bernhard, M.D.
Inspirational guidance for anyone coping with serious illness
""Confronting and Overcoming Arthritis" is a treatise on learning to live with disabling physical problems. All who read this message of hope from Reverend Seyfert must inspect themselves, inspect their struggle to survive emotionally and physically, and benefit from the real confrontation with their feelings."-Dean A. Hauter, M.D.

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