Asking for Trouble: The Story of an Escapade with Disproportionate Consequences

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April 2008



Now an eminent writer and critic, Patricia Craig was expelled from her convent school in Belfast in 1959. This was not a time when pupils from respectable families were expelled, and certainly not for 'carryingon' with boys in the Donegal Gaeltacht or a school-organized Irish language course. Ashing for Trouble is an absorbing coming-of-age memoir and a wry and witty account of religious identities, family relationships and growing up in 1950s Belfast and Donegal.


PATRICIA CRAIG was born in Belfast. She moved to London in the sixties, but always retained strong links with her home city and returned to live in Northern Ireland in 1999. A leading literary critic and anthologist, she writes regularly for the Independent, London Review of Books, Times Literary Supplement and New Statesman, and has appeared on various television and radio programmes. Her books include The Oxford Book of English Detective Stories (1990), The Penguin Book of British Comic Stories (1990), The Rattle of the North (Blackstaff Press, 1993), The Belfast Anthology (1999), Brian Moore: A Biography (Bloomsbury 2002) and The Ulster Anthology (2006). She lives in Antrim with her artist husband Jeffrey Morgan.
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