Killing Value: Numerous Ways to Lower the Value of Your House and Increase the Selling Time

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Oktober 2007



Are you killing the value of your home by not doing the basics to get it ready for sale or for an appraisal? This book is a checklist of the ways people actually lower the value of their homes, probably without realizing it. Compare the list to your own home to see if you, too, are Killing Value. Don't leave thousands of dollars on the table. Find out how to cure those basic things that are killing value in your home in order to get the most for your home and to decrease market time. Real Estate Agents should give this book to every client. It would save a lot of time and energy explaining the basics to sellers. Every aspect of getting a home ready to show, from the front yard to the back, and in between, is covered. Buyers can use this book as a guide to help them sort out the real concerns from those that are cheap and easy fixes. Refinancing? Find out what lowers your home's value in the eyes of an appraiser and how you can raise that value.

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