The Busby Babes

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On February 6, 1958, a plane took off from a snowy Munich airport carrying probably the finest club side the world has ever known. Moments later, the aircraft crashed, killing some of the most legendary names in British soccer. This book is dedicated to those players--Roger Byrne, Tommy Taylor, the mighty Duncan Edwards and the others whose lives were cut off in their prime--and their indomitable manager, Sir Matt Busby. Max Arthur has sought out all the players who survived the crash and spoken to the relatives and friends of those who died. From these interviews, sometimes serious but often humorous, he has captured their remarkable spirit and created a unique portrait of all the Busby Babes.


Max Arthur is a lifetime supporter of Manchester United. He is this country's leading oral historian and the author of the classic work, Forgotten Voices of the Great War. His most recent book, Last Post: The Final Words from our First World War Soldiers was the biggest selling history book of 2006.


"This is a unique and fitting tribute to an unforgettable team. Those who never saw them play will, I hope, be made richer by this book. Those of us who remember them so well will not be saddened by it but will be reminded that they were men of magic" -- The Late Sir Matt Busby, From The Foreword Of The First Editon "A fitting eulogy to arguably the finest club side ever seen in English football ... the testimonies of the survivors are compelling" BBC Sport
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