Boy A (Film-Tie-In)

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This award-winning debut novel, soon to be a major motion picture, is a modern-day immorality tale about the attempted rehabilitation of a child implicated in murder . . . delivered with a horrific sense of foreboding--"Arena."


Jonathan Trigell was born in 1974 and has lived in Hertfordshire, Manchester, Derby and Stone. In 2002 he completed an MA in creative writing at Manchester University. He has been a TV extra, an outdoor pursuits instructor and a door to door salesman; plus has worked right across the winter sports industry, from mopping floors and washing dishes to journalism and organising major events. His first novel, Boy A, won the prestigious John Llewellyn Rhys Prize for best work by an author under 35, and also the Waverton Award, for best first novel of 2004. Jonathan now lives in Chamonix, where he is writing his third novel, Genesis.


"'Boy A impressed us on many levels: as a compelling narrative, a beautifully structured piece of writing, and as a thought-provoking novel of ideas. It's a wonderful debut' Sarah Waters, author and chair of the Judges of the John Llewellyn Rhys Prize 'A shocker of a first novel... told with extraordinary restraint' New York Times '[A] modern day immorality tale about the attempted rehabilitation of a child implicated in murder... delivered with a horrific sense of foreboding' Arena 'A frankly amazing achievement from young Mr Trigell' FHM 'A fine and moving debut novel... compulsively readable... a rare treat' The Independent 'Trigell masterfully builds sympathy for Jack' Entertainment Weekly"
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