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Just over twenty years ago I went to my first Tottenham Hotspur football match at White Hart Lane. From that moment I was hooked. From the Lane is the story of one fan's experiences in the following of their club over two decades. It touches on the factual aspects of the games I have been to, but is centred mainly on the emotional journey that this obsession undoubtedly provides. It is written based on personal experiences, all against a real-life background that covers the vast majority of my lifetime. From that first Chris Waddle and Glenn Hoddle-inspired moment, through the years of such great players as Paul Gascoigne, Gary Lineker, Jurgen Klinsmann and David Ginola, right up to the current era, this story reveals how being a supporter of a football club is able to affect a human being, able to provide both sadness and joy. From the Lane is a story that all Tottenham fans, and indeed dedicated football fans everywhere, will enjoy and be able to relate to.

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