Thirteen Skulls & Other Tales: Book Nine of the Thulian Chronicles

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November 2007



"Thirteen Skulls & Other Tales" is a collection of eleven stories that span four years of the reign of Arka-Dal, the legendary Emperor of Thule. The Emperor and his friends encounter vengeful witches, demonic armies, undead pirates, dragons and invading armies. To make things even more interesting, they have to contend with magical powers run amok, explore the Haunted Ruins and search for a mythical lost continent.
Along the way, Arka-Dal picks up two new wives, sires four children and makes a couple of unusual allies.
"Thirteen Skulls & Other Tales" is one of the best-written collections of short adventure stories of all time. It adds new dimensions to the Thulian Chronicles and proves beyond a doubt that Art Wiederhold is the best fantasy writer on the planet!

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