Clinical Depression: The Overlooked and Insidious Nemesis Plaguing ADHD Children

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Children with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder are in constant misdirected motion, unable to concentrate and complete assigned tasks, and behave impulsively.


Chapter 1 Introduction Chapter 2 ADHD and Depression: Its Prevalence and Symptoms Chapter 3 Depression: The Underlying Cooperation "Killer" Chapter 4 The Acquisition of Empathy: The First Step in Helping Depressed ADHD Children Chapter 5 The Adult-Child Relationship: The Catalyst for Change Chapter 6 More on the Adult-Child Relationship: Inspiring the ADHD Child to Please You Chapter 7 Defensive Thinking: The Importance of Recognizing Destructive Thought Patterns Chapter 8 Perception: Its Critical Importance in Understanding ADHD Children Chapter 9 Why Perceptual Change is so Difficult Chapter 10 Restructuring Errant Thinking: The Second Step in Helping ADHD Children Chapter 11 The ADHD Child's Self-Concept: Its Importance in Coping with Environmental Stressors Chapter 12 An ADHD Child Can Strain a Marriage Chapter 13 The Acquisition of Confidence: How Important Is This? Chapter 14 The Rudiments of Building Confidence Chapter 15 Affective Education: A Necessary Ingredient in Helping ADHD Children to Cope with Depression Chapter 16 Developing an Internal Locus of Control: The Antidote to Helplessness Chapter 17 Strength Identification: The Building Block upon Which Hope Is Founded Chapter 18 Building a Behavior Modification Program for Rearing Children to Develop an Internal Locus of Control Chapter 19 An Internal Locus of Control Behavior Modification Program in the Home Chapter 20 A Locus of Control Behavior Modficiation Program in the School Chapter 21 Summary and Conclusions Part 22 Bibliography


Paul Lavin is a practicing psychologist in the state of Massachusetts. He is the author of seventeen books and has forty years of experience in working with troubled youth.


Lavin provides a conceptual and practical framework for identifying and correcting low self-concept and hopelessness, based on restructuring a child's destructive beliefs about himself, teaching him to understand and cope with emotions, and using behavior modification to help him develop an internal locus of control. Scitech Book News
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