Teaching Every Child to Read: Innovative and Practical Strategies for K-8 Educators and Caretakers

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Teaching Every Child to Read provides educators and caretakers with a variety of engaging and easy-to-use instructional strategies for students ranging from the primary through middle school grades.


Chapter 1 Theory Behind the Strategies Part 1 Introduction to Teaching Every Child to Read Part 2 Teaching Primary Children to Read (K-2) Chapter 2 Research Behind the Strategies Part 3 Encouraging Parents to Reinforce Reading at Home Chapter 3 Teaching Very Young Children to Read: Getting In-Touch Readiness Activities Chapter 4 Teaching Young Children to Read with Kinesthetic Games Part 4 Teaching Elementary Children to Read (3-5) Part 5 Teaching Middle School Children to Read (6-8) Chapter 5 Teaching Young Children to Read by Singing Chapter 6 Teaching Young Children to Read by Combining Music, Lyrics and Text Chapter 7 Teaching Young Children to Read with Tape Recorded Books Chapter 8 Teaching Young Children to Read with Body Parts Chapter 9 Teaching Young Children to Read by Baking Chapter 10 Teaching Young Children to Read by Preparing Them for a Trip or Vacation Chapter 11 Teaching Young Children with Everyday Print Chapter 12 Teaching Elementary Children to Read with Reading is the Answer Chapter 13 Teaching Elementary Children to Read with Language Games Chapter 14 Teaching Elementary Children to Read Through Rebus and Rhyme Chapter 15 Teaching Elementary Children to Read Poetry Chapter 16 Teaching Elementary Children to Read By Scrap Booking Chapter 17 Teaching Middle School Children with Cultural Texts Chapter 18 Teaching Middle School Children to Read with Programmed Learning Sequences Chapter 19 Teaching Middle School Children to Read with Small-Group Strategies Chapter 20 Teaching Middle School Children to Read with Contract Activity Packages Chapter 21 Conclusion: Testing Yourself: A Case Study Review


Rita Dunn is coordinator of the Instructional Leadership Doctoral Program at St. John's University. Brett Elizabeth Blake, Ph.D. is coordinator of the Graduate Adolescent Programs and a senior research fellow at the Vincentian Center for Social Justice and Poverty.


It's easy to say that children learn and grow in their own unique ways; deciding what to do about that has always been more elusive for educators and parents alike. This book draws on theory and research to provide practical know-how that brings new meaning to 'best practice' teaching. -- Dr. Donald Treffinger, director, Center for Creative Learning, Sarasota, Florida and editor Parenting for High Potential Magazine and Gifted Child Quar Whether you are searching for actively engaging approaches for your third-grade reading programs or more sophisticated, but enjoyable strategies for middle-school youth in need of mobility, this book offers a wealth of creative and student-responsive instructional approaches for all teachers and administrators. -- Diane B. Scricca, Ph.D., superintendent of schools, Riverhead Central School District (NY) In America, reading is the key to the kingdom. With their research and innovative methods, Drs. Dunn and Blake assure that many more learners have keys! -- Sue Ellen Read, Ph.D., professor of education, Northeastern State University (OK) and executive director, Oklahoma Institute of Learning Styles Reading is one of the major gateways in life. Parents and educators will find this long-awaited resource of learning-style responsive strategies a very practical mainstay in teaching both little ones and middle-school students to read. -- Christina T. Hart, Ph.D., associate vice president of Institutional Effectiveness Indian River Community College (FL) I highly recommend this book as a blueprint to guide educators and parents to tapping into the learning styles and talents of students when teaching them how to read. The research and information contained in this book are essential as we strive to close achievement gaps and improve teaching and learning for all children. -- Bethel E. Cager, Ph.D., area superintendent, Racine Unified School District (WI) As schools struggle to meet the demands of No Child Left Behind, the value of this publication ...cannot be understated. In this volume teachers are provided with strategies for improving reading instruction-based on scientific evidence-that can be implemented within the general education program to improve reading instruction before such things as remedial reading and special education are necessary. A must-read for all educators as reading crosses curricular lines and is the basis for academic success. -- Lois R. Favre Ed.D, Superintendent of Schools, Bridgehampton Union Free School District, NY and Director of the International Learning Styles Network
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