Interfaith Dialogue and Peacebuilding

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Mai 2002



Drawing on their experience in organizing interaction and cooperation across religious boundaries in the Middle East, Africa, Southeast Asia, Northern Ireland and the Balkans, eight Christian, Muslim and Jewish contributors explore the formidable potential of interfaith dialogue. The first part of the volume analyses the concept and its varied application, the second focuses on its practice in specific zones of conflict and the third assesses the experiences and approaches of particular organizations. When organized creatively, interfaith dialogue can nurture deep engagement at all levels of religious hierachy, including the community level. It draws strength from the peacemaking traditions shared by many faiths and from the power of religious ritual and symbolism. Yet, as the authors also make plain, it also has its limitations and carries great risks.


The miracles of transformation through interfaith dialogue, Mohammed Abu-Nimer; the use of the word and its limits, Marc Gopin; building bridges for interfaith dialogue, Jaco Cilliers; American Jews, Christians and Muslims working together for peace in the Middle East, Ronald Young; interfaith dialogue in the former Yugoslavia, David Steele; mitigation in Northern Ireland, Joseph Liechty; religion and interfaith conflict, Arthur Schneier; the United Religious Initiative at work, Charles Gibbs.
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