The Earth in the Attic

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April 2008



Fady Joudah's "The Earth in the Attic" is the 2007 winner of the Yale Series of Younger Poets competition. In his poems Joudah explores big themes--identity, war, religion, what we hold in common--"while never losing sight of the quotidian, the specific." Contest judge Louise Gluck describes the poet in her Foreword as "that strange animal, the lyric poet in whom circumstance and profession . . . have compelled obsession with large social contexts and grave national dilemmas." She finds in his poetry an incantatory quality and concludes, "These are small poems, many of them, but the grandeur of conception is inescapable. "The Earth in the Attic" is varied, coherent, fierce, tender; impossible to put down, impossible to forget."


Fady Joudah is a Palestinian-American medical doctor and a field member of Doctors Without Borders since 2001. He lives in Houston, TX. He is also the translator of Mahmoud Darwish's recent poetry The Butterfly's Burden.
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