Controversies in Body Theology

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Controversies in Body Theology is the third volume in SCM s Controversies in Contextual Theology series (Feminist and Political Theology also published), aimed at drilling down further into the arguments and discussions taking place amongst theologians within contextual theologies, which can often be presented as wholesale agreements.Controversies in Body Theology is a collection edited by Marcella Althaus Reid and Lisa Isherwood and brings together authors from around the world, who specialise in this area. Its contents are unsurprisingly - very controversial. The book dares to examine some of the most extreme approaches to the body that our society engages with. What makes this book unique is that it does not dismiss what may be the more difficult and challenging areas of the body and society, rather it embraces them as an embodied resource for the ever-expanding task of considering the nature of incarnation through the lens of body theology.Topics range from cosmetic surgery and the bible to sacramental nature of self harm in young girls. Along the way the book looks at the Puritan heritage of Extreme Makeover programmes and the pernicious theology inherent in Slim for Him programmes. All the authors engage with academic honesty and personal courage. This is a challenging and worthwhile read for any student embarking on a course in Body Theology. Marcella Althaus Reid is Professor of Contextual Theology at the University of Edinburgh. Lisa Isherwood is Professor of Feminist Liberation Theologies at the University of Winchester, UK.


Marcella Althaus-Reid is Professor of Contextual Theology at the University of Edinburgh.Lisa Isherwood is Professorof Feminist Liberation Theologies at the University of Winchester.
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