Micro-Assembly Technologies and Applications

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Micro-assembly is a key enabling technology for cost effective manufacture of new generations of complex micro products. It is also a critical technology for retaining mdustrial capabilities in high labour cost areas such as Europe since up to 80% of the production cost in some industries is attributed directly to assembly processes. With the continuous trend for product miniaturisation, the scientific and technologi­ cal developments in micro-assembly are expected to have a significant long-term economic, demographic and social impact. A distinctive feature of the process is that surface forces are often dominant over gravity forces, which determines a number of specific technical challenges. Critical areas which are currently being addressed include development of assembly systems with high positional accuracy, micro gripping methods that take into ac­ count the adhesive surface forces, high precision micro-feeding techniques and mi­ cro-joining processes. Micro-assembly has developed rapidly over the last few years and all the pre­ dictions are that it will remain a critical technology for high value products in a number of key sectors such as healthcare, communications, defence and aerospace. The key challenge is to match the significant technological developments with a new generation of micro products that will establish firmly micro-assembly as a core manufacturing process.


Design of Micro Products.- Application of a DF?A Methodology to facilitate the assembly of a Micro/Nano Measurement Device.- A DFA Framework for Hybrid Microsystems.- Statistical Assemblies with form Errors - A 2D Example.- A Classification and Coding System for Micro-Assembly.- A Method for Three Dimensional Tolerance Analysis and Synthesis Applied to Complex and Precise Assemblies.- New Designs for Submillimetric Press-Fitting.- Design and Testing of an Ortho-Planar Micro-Valve.- Robust Design of a Lens System of Variable Refraction Power with Respect to the Assembly Process.- Micro-Assembly Processes and Applications.- Product-Process Ontology for Managing Assembly Specific Knowledge Between Product Design and Assembly System Simulation.- Bridging the Gap - from Process Related Documentation to an Integrated Process and Application Knowledge Management in Micro Systems Technology.- Distributed Simulation in Manufacturing Using High Level Architecture.- Adaptive Packaging Solution for a Microlens Array Placed Over a Micro-UV-LED Array.- Solder Bumping - A Flexible Joining Approach for the Precision Assembly of Optoelectronical Systems.- Fluidassem - A New Method of Fluidic-Based Assembly with Surface Tension.- Concepts for Hybrid Micro Assembly Using Hot Melt Joining.- Application of Microstereolithography Technology in Micromanufacturing.- In Situ Microassembly.- Interest of the Inertial Tolerancing Method in the Case of Watch Making Micro Assembly.- Precision Assembly of Active Microsystems with a Size-Adapted Assembly System.- Assembly of Osseous Fragments in Orthopaedic Surgery: The Need for New Standards of Evaluation.- Gripping and Feeding Solutions for Micro-Assembly.- A Critical Review of Releasing Strategies in Microparts Handling.- A Low Cost Coarse/Fine Piezoelectrically Actuated Microgripper with Force Measurement Adapted to Eupass Control Structure.- Development of A Monolithic Shape Memory Alloy Manipulator.- Statically Determined Gripper Construction.- Precision Positioning down to Single Nanometres Based on Micro Harmonic Drive Systems.- Assembly of a Micro Ball-Bearing using a Capillary Gripper and a Microcomponent Feeder.- Pneumatic Contactless Microfeeder, Design Optimisation and Experimental Validation.- Pneumatic Positioning System for Precision Assembly.- Manufacturing of Devices for the Parallel Precision Alignment of Multiple Micro Components.- Towards a Traceable Infrastructure for Low Force Measurements.- When Manufacturing Capability Exceeds Control Capability: The Paradox of High Precision Products, or is it Possible to Assemble Functional Products out of Components we are Unable to Measure?.- Impact Forces Reduction for High-Speed Micro-Assembly.- Development of Micro-Assembly Production Systems.- Strategies and Devices for a Modular Desktop Factory.- A Decision Making Tool for Reconfigurable Assembly Lines - Eupass Project.- Standardised Interface and Construction Kit for Micro-Assembly.- Towards a Publish / Subscribe Control Architecture for Precision Assembly with the Data Distribution Service.- Smart Assembly - Data and Model Driven.- Man-Robot Cooperation - New Technologies and New Solutions.- Integration of Design and Assembly Using Augmented Reality.- Concept for an Industrial Ubiquitous Assembly Robot.
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