Hillary Is the Best Choice: Ten Top Historical Voting Patterns That Show Americans Are Ready to Pick a Woman President

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November 2007



"Hillary Is the Best Choice" presents a more balanced view of politics. To start with, politics is neither good nor bad. It is neutral. It can either go good or bad depending on the politicians who are involved. For the first time in American presidential politics, for example, we have a woman candidate. In previous elections, when only men were presidential contenders, the tendency to play "dirty" was always a great temptation. With Hillary Clinton, Democratic Senator from New York and our country's former First Lady, as one of the current leading presidential aspirants, it is our hope that the old pattern of negativity will be replaced by a new pattern of political civility. Politics can be a clean activity. And elections, especially presidential ones, ought to be a matter of choosing the better of two goods (when an independent or third party candidate is running, it will be a matter of choosing the best of three).

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