Basics Interior Architecture 02: Context & Environment

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September 2008



Second in the popular Basics Interior Architecture series * Perfect for intermediate interior design and architecture students * Elegantly explores more than 100 international case studies Students of interior architecture and design were dazzled by the first book in the Basics Interior Architecture series, "Form and Structure." Now authors Graeme Brooker and Sally Stone are back with "Context and Environment," examining how elements both inside and outside a building can affect interior space. Their method of interpretation, evaluation, and utilization of physical factors such as light, orientation, urban form, and sustainability is ideal for intermediate students of interior design, as well as anyone with an interest in architecture and urban planning. More than 100 international case studies are shown in glowing full-color photographs, with detailed discussions of the planning that went into each example.


Introduction. How to get the most out of this book. The design process: Introduction; Properties of the existing site; Specific site issues; Analysis of the context; Analysis of the environment; Sustainability issues. Context and the interior: Introduction; Location; History + narrative; External connections; Threshold; Visual connections; Movement. Environment and the interior: Introduction; Climate; Light; Temperature; Orientation; View/aspect; Materials. Sustainability and the existing interior: Introduction; Environmental awareness; Resources; Weather; Recycling; Found object; Occupation. Sustainability and the new interior: Introduction; Environmental awareness; Resources; Weather; Recycling; Found object; Occupation. Elements that control space: Introduction; Exterior control; Interior control. Glossary. Acknowledgements.


Graeme Brooker MA is an interior designer and academic. He is the programme leader of the undergraduate and postgraduate interior design courses at the Manchester Metropolitan University. He has lectured internationally and has presented papers at conferences in the UK and around the world. Sally Stone MA is the director of the College of Continuity in Architecture at the Manchester School of Architecture. She teaches studio courses at postgraduate level concerned with urban regeneration, building reuse and the relationship between interior architecture and installation art. Sally has lectured internationally and presented papers at conferences around the world. She is the author of Interventions - Attitudes Towards Public Space.


"Very relevant. An excellent textbook." Kerry Meakin, Dublin Institute of Technology, Ireland.
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