The Roman Predicament: How the Rules of International Order Create the Politics of Empire

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Addresses what the author terms "the Roman dilemma" - the paradoxical notion that while global society depends on a system of rules for building peace and prosperity, this system inevitably leads to domestic clashes, international rivalry, and even wars. This book argues that a rule-based world order eventually subverts and destroys itself.


Acknowledgments vii Introduction 1 Chapter One: The Model of Decline and Fall 6 Chapter Two: Mercury and Mars 24 Chapter Three: The Questioning of Rules in an Obscure and Irregular System 39 Chapter Four: Can It Last? 71 Chapter Five: The Victory of Mars 86 Chapter Six: Terminus: Beyond the Fringe 99 Chapter Seven: The Holy Roman Empire and the Roman Empire 118 Conclusion 141 Notes 151 Index 163


Harold James is Professor of History and International Affairs at Princeton University. His books include "A German Identity, International Monetary Cooperation since Bretton Woods," and "The End of Globalization: Lessons from the Great Depression".


"[A] brilliant essay."--Robert Skidelsky, New York Review of Books "Starting from an analogy with Rome, James describes the mounting domestic tensions that increasingly threaten the global system and an interconnected world... The greater challenge to the international order may lie in the tensions within, rather than between, states, as James suggests... Like Rome ... the American-led global order faces problems created primarily by its own internal dynamics. What James calls the 'Roman dilemma' arises from the fact that the way in which peaceful commerce produces a stable, prosperous and integrated global order also creates undercurrents of conflict. A vicious circle thus leads the liberal, commercial world order to subvert and destroy itself."--William Anthony Hay, The National Interest "James writes with care and nuance, rarely straying into sensationalism or political posturing... [A]bsorbing in its elaborate detail."--Jakub J. Grygiel, Claremont Review of Books "There have been rather too many books recently seeking lessons and analogies from imperial history in order to comprehend the contemporary global order and assess its viability... [The Roman Predicament] is ... far better than most because Harold James brings to it a rare combination of insight into both the history of global finance and trade and the history of modern Europe."--Dominic Lieven, American Historical Review "James conveys a genuine analytical desire to understand the current American preponderance of power, and he grounds hi analysis in thoughtful historical parallels."--Timothy J. Lomperis, Historian "If only we did teach and learn from history, Harold James's outstanding ... book would be at the center of our current political campaign, because we are faced with the Roman Predicament of which he writes."--BrothersJudd.com
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