Crisis & Opportunity: Sustainability in American Agriculture

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With the decline of family farms and rural communities and the rise of corporate farming and the resulting environmental degradation, American agriculture is in crisis. But this crisis offers the opportunity to rethink agriculture in sustainable terms. This collection describes what sustainable agriculture is, why it began, and how it can succeed.


1. Crisis and Opportunity in American AgriculturePart 1. The Industrialization of American Agriculture2. Why We Should Stop Promoting Industrial Agriculture; 3. Corporate Agriculture and Family Farms; 4. The Corporatization of AmericaPart 2. New Hope for the Future of Farming5. Rediscovering Agriculture and New Hope for Farming; 6. Farming in Harmony with Nature and Society; 7. Reclaiming the Sacred in Food and FarmingPart 3. Principles of Sustainable Agriculture8. Do We Really Need to Define Sustainable Agriculture?; 9. Foundational Principles of Soils, Stewardship, and Sustainability; 10. Economics of Sustainable Farming; 11. The Renaissance of Rural AmericaPart 4. The New American Farmer12. Walking the Talk of Sustainable Agriculture; 13. Survival Strategies for Small Farms; 14. Marketing in the Niches for Sustainability; 15. Local Organic Farms Save Farmland and Communities; 16. The Triple Bottom Line of Farming in the FuturePart 5. Creating Sustainable Food and Farming Systems17. The Real Costs of Globalization; 18. Redirecting Government Policies for Agricultural Sustainability; 19. The New American Food System; 20. American Agriculture After Fossil Energy


John E. Ikerd is professor emeritus of agricultural economics at the University of Missouri. He is the author of "Sustainable Capitalism," "A Return to Common Sense," and "Small Farms are Real Farms."


"For those who want to understand what sustainable agriculture is all about, Crisis and Opportunity is a major tour de force. Ikerd's book is a profound source of information, perspective, and inspiration." Fred Magdoff , professor emeritus of soils at the University of Vermont and co-editor of Hungry for Profit "An amazing collection of essays that reveal some of the clearest thinking on the sustainability of food and farming systems. This is a clarion call to come to our senses about our own future health and well-being as well as that of our communities and the planet that sustains us." Larry Yee , director of the University of California Cooperative Extension, Ventura County, and cochair and cofounder of the Association of Family Farms "Ikerd counters the efficiency model of industrial agriculture and presents a more rational path that leads to opportunity in agriculture and a more civil society. The book is well written, easy to read, and challenges us to a higher order of thinking." James E. Horne , president of Kerr Center for Sustainable Agriculture Inc. and co-author of The Next Green Revolution
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