Restoring the Chain of Friendship: British Policy and the Indians of the Great Lakes, 1783-1815

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During the American Revolution the British enjoyed an alliance with their Native allies in the Great Lakes region of North America. By the War of 1812, however, that "chain of friendship" had devolved into smaller, more local alliances. This book attempts to understand how and why this shift occurred.


Introduction: The Chain of Friendship in the Colonial Past; 1. The Quest for a Just Peace, 1783-95; 2. A New Diplomacy at Amherstburg, 1796-1803; 3. British-Indian Relations in the North, 1796-1802; 4. A New Society on the Grand River, 1784-1801; 5. John Norton and the Continuing Struggle at the Grand River, 1801-12; 6. Restoring the Chain of Friendship in the West and in the North, 1801-12; Epilogue: Reassessing the Chain of Friendship, 1812 and Beyond


Timothy D. Willig is an assistant professor of history and coordinator of the Native American Studies Program at Onondaga Community College in Syracuse New York.


"Willig's analyses of Indian and British relations "on the ground" are persuasively connected to a history of policy development and implementation because he is able to incorporate a great deal of Native perspective."--Kiara M./i>--Kiara M. Vigil "Michigan Historical Review "
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