Field of Schemes: How the Great Stadium Swindle Turns Public Money Into Private Profit

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April 2008



A play-by-play account of how the drive for sports stadiums and arenas drains $2 billion a year from public treasuries for the sake of private profit. While the millionaires who own sports franchises have seen the value of their assets soar under this scheme, taxpayers, urban residents, and sports fans have all come out losers.


Preface to the New Edition by Neil deMause; Introduction: The View from the Cheap Seats; 1. A Tale of Two Inner Cities; 2. Stealing Home; 3. Ball Barons; 4. The Art of the Steal; 5. Deus Ex Pizza; 6. Home Field Advantage; 7. Local Heroes; 8. Bad Neighbors; 9. Repeat Offenders; 10. The Bucks Stop Here; 11. Winning Isn't Everything; 12. Extra Innings; 13. The Art of the Steal Revisited; 14. Youppi! Come Home; 15. The Perfect Storm; 16. Saving Fenway


Neil deMause is a Brooklyn-based journalist who writes regularly for the "Village Voice," "Extra!," and "Baseball Prospectus" and runs the stadium-watch Web site fieldofschemes.com. Joanna Cagan is a teacher and writer in New York City. She has written for numerous publications, including the "Village Voice," the "New York Times Magazine," and "Interview."


"A well-written and poignant analysis of America's stadium mess."--Andrew Zimbalist, Robert A. Woods Professor of Economics, Smith College, and author of "In the Best Interests of Baseball? The Revolutionary Reign of Bud Selig"--Andrew Zimbalist
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