Seven Deadly Threats to America: Campaign 2008: Approaching the Point of No Return

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Campaign 2008: Approaching the Point of No Return Illegal Immigration The Booming India/China Middle Class The Implosion of the Middle East Iran's Nuclear Threat Energy Shortages/Rising Costs Self Sabotage by Partisan Paralysis Virulent Extremism These seven threats bring grave danger to our survival as the wealthiest power on earth. Each is rising -- gaining rapidly in strength, suddenly converging almost unseen -- until combined, they are like a towering tsunami bringing unrecoverable loss, and an end to life as we have known it. This book does not describe America's collapse, but the actions needed to prevent it. By the end of the next president's first term, we shall know with abundant clarity whether we can still control our destiny, or have begun that rapid descent into economic blight and dependence, from which there is no return.

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