Alternative Sewer Systems

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April 2008



Everything You'll Need to Know About Pressure, Vacuum, and Effluent Collection Systems
Alternative Sewer Systems, Manual of Practice FD-12 is a complete primer on the various systems that can be used to replace expensive gravity systems presently used in small and large communities. This brand-new edition provides a general overview of collection systems and then elaborates on the design, performance, and management of three specific types: pressure, vacuum, and effluent. Updated to include the most current technology in the field, Alternative Sewer Systems, Manual of Practice FD-12 offers a frank, detailed look at the advantages and disadvantages of alternative systems. It provides the interfacing requirements for discharge to conventional sewers, as well as issues concerning grinder-pumps and piping. Alternative Sewer Systems, Manual of Practice FD-12 provides:
  • Pros and cons of using alternative collection
  • Discharge interface requirements
  • Grinder-pump needs
  • Piping requirements
  • SI as primary units and U.S. as secondary
This comprehensive guide covers:
  • Pressure Sewer Systems
  • Vacuum Sewer Systems
  • Effluent Sewer Systems, including Septic Tank Effluent Pumping (STEP) and Septic Tank Effluent Gravity (STEG) systems


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