Aquinas, Aristotle, and the Promise of the Common Good

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Shows how religious faith can assist philosophical inquiry in the purposes of society and politics.


Part I. Virtue, Law and the Problem of the Common Good: 1. Why Aquinas? Reconsidering and receiving the common good; 2. Contemporary responses to the problem of the common good: three Anglo-American theories; Part II. Aquinas's Social and Civic Foundations: 3. Unearthing and appropriating Aristotle's foundations: from three Anglo-American theorists back to Thomas Aquinas; 4. Reinforcing the foundations: Aquinas on the problem of political virtue and regime-centered political science; 5. Finishing the foundations and beginning to build: Aquinas on human action and excellence as social, civic, and religious; Part III. Moral Virtues at the Nexus of Personal and Common Goods: 6. Remodeling the moral edifice (I): Aquinas and Aristotelian magnanimity; 7. Remodeling the moral edifice (II): Aquinas and Aristotelian legal justice; Part IV. Politics, Human Law, and Transpolitical Virtue: 8. Aquinas's two pedagogies: human law and the good of moral virtue; 9. Theological virtue and Thomisitic political theory.


Mary M. Keys is Assistant Professor of Political Science at the University of Notre Dame. She has received fellowships from the Erasmus Institute, University of Notre Dame, the Martin Marty Center for Advanced Study of Religion at the University of Chicago, and the George Strake Foundation, among others. Her articles have appeared in American Journal of Political Science and History of Political Thought.


'Key's book is valuable for two reasons. It makes visible and vivid the difference between the outlooks of Aquinas and Aristotle and it initiates a welcome dialogue between Aquinas and contemporary political philosophers on the relevance of the common good.' British Journal for the History of Philosophy
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