Shakespeare and Garrick

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This 2008 text examines the changes made by eighteenth-century actor-manager David Garrick to Shakespeare's plays.


Prologue: Garrick's alterations of Shakespeare - a note on texts; 1. Garrick and Shakespeare - before the divorce of stage and page; 2. The contexts of Garrick's alterations of Shakespeare; 3. 'To give the actor more eclat' - Garrick's earliest alterations of Shakespeare; 4. 'Rebottling' Shakespeare - Garrick in mid-career (1753-68); 5. (Entr'acte): Celebrating Shakespeare on page and stage in 1769; 6. 'Parental and filial capacities' - King Lear and Hamlet; 7. Epilogue - Garrick's legacy to Shakespeare studies; Bibliography.


Vanessa Cunningham is a Fellow of Cardiff University.


Review of the hardback: '... excellent survey of Garrick's literary relations ... most entertaining ...' Times Literary Supplement Review of the hardback: 'The strength of Cunningham's study lies ... in the author's ability to take readers back to a period when Shakespeare's status as a cultural icon was far from secure. Her effort to understand Garrick on his own terms rather than on those of much later generations of critics is a welcome addition to the field of eighteenth-century Shakespeare reception.' Anglistik: International Journal of English Studies Review of the hardback: 'Cunningham's study provokes a thoughtful, focused analysis of a figure central to eighteenth-century culture whose work has received far too little critical attention in recent years.' Literature and History
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