Civil Engineering Computations: Tools and Techniques

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April 2008



Contains the invited lectures presented at: The Eleventh International Conference on Civil, Structural and Environmental Engineering Computing and The Ninth International Conference on The Application of Artificial Intelligence to Civil, Structural and Environmental Engineering held concurrently in St Julians, Malta, 18-21 Sept 2007.


1. Toward Smart Structures: Novel Wavelet-Chaos-Dynamic Neural Network Models for Vibration Control and Health Monitoring of Highrise Building and Bridge Structures under Extreme Dynamic Loading, H. Adeli and X. Jiang 12. Situated Design Computing: Principles, J.S. Gero 253. Advanced Object-Oriented Techniques for Coupled Multiphysics, D. Eyheramendy and F. Oudin-Dardun 374. The State of the Art in Engineering Collaboration and Data Management, M. Dolenc 615. The Use of Information and Communication Technologies in Construction, A.P. Chassiakos 796. Optimum Design of Steel Frames using Stochastic Search Techniques Based on Natural Phenomena: A Review, M.P. Saka 1057. Searching for Good Topological Solutions using Evolutionary Algorithms, J.C. Miles, A.S.K. Kwan, K. Wang and Y. Zhang 1498. Structural Analysis and Optimal Design under Stochastic Uncertainty with Quadratic Cost Functions, K. Marti 1739. Numerical Limit Analysis: An Engineering Tool for both Ultimate Limit Load Analysis and Optimal Material Layout, L. Damkilde 19910. Modelling Masonry with Limit Analysis Finite Elements: Review, Applications and New Directions, G. Milani and P.B. Lourenco 21711. Advanced Control Strategies in Cable Dynamics, V. Gattulli 24312. Review of Research into Scaffold Structures, R.G. Beale 27113. Exact Dynamic Stiffness for Frame Buckling under Bi-Axial Moments and Torque, A.Y.T. Leung 30114. Stress-Strain Experimental Based Modelling of Concrete under High Temperature Conditions, V.A. Salomoni, C.E. Majorana and G.A. Khoury 31915. Modelling of Microstructural Evolution of Concrete under Work Conditions and in the Hardening Process, V. Smilauer and Z. Bittnar 34716. Analysis and Optimal Design of Multi-Layer Structures Subjected to Impulse Loading, A.J. Aref, X. Luo and G.F. Dargush 36917. On the Seismic Response of Anchored Tanks: Methodologies for Finite Element Analysis and Parametric Study by Actual Design Codes, R.C. de Barros 39118. Analysis of Cone Penetration Testing on Dilatant Cemented Sand by Bearing Capacity and Cavity Expansion Models, A.J. Puppala, S. Saride, L.R. Hoyos and M.T. Tumay 449


Barry Topping is Emeritus Professor of Computational Mechanics at Heriot-Watt University, Edinburgh, Scotland and Honorary Professor at the Pollack Mihaly Faculty of Engineering, University of Pecs, Hungary. He is also editor of the International Journal of Computers & Structures and editor of Advances in Engineering Software.
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