ECOOP '88 European Conference on Object-Oriented Programming

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Juli 1988



" ..... object oriented seems to be becoming in the 1980s what structured programming was in the 1970s. " Brian Randell and Pete Lee This quotation is from the invitation to the annual Newcastle University Conference on Main Trends in Computing, September 1988. It seems to capture the situation quite well, only that the object orientation is being materialised in languages and language constructs, as well as in the style of programming and as a perspective upon the task considered. The second European Conference on Object Oriented Programming (ECOOP'88) was held in Oslo, Norway, August 15-17, 1988, in the city where object oriented programming was born more than 20 years ago, when the Simula language appeared. The objectives of ECOOP'88 were to present the best international work in the field of object oriented programming to interested participants from industry and academia, and to be a forum for the exchange of ideas and the growth of professional relationships.


What object-oriented programming may be - and what it does not have to be.- Teaching Object-Oriented Programming is more than teaching Object-Oriented Programming Languages.- The Mjølner Environment: Direct Interaction with Abstractions.- Inheritance as an Incremental Modification Mechanism or What Like Is and Isn't Like.- GSBL: An Algebraic Specification Language Based on Inheritance.- Name Collision in Multiple Classification Hierarchies.- Reflexive Architecture: From ObjVLisp to CLOS.- Nesting in an Object Oriented Language is NOT for the Birds.- An Object-oriented Exception Handling System for an Object-oriented Language.- On the darker side of C++.- Prototyping an Interactive Electronic Book System Using an Object-Oriented Approach.- SCOOP Structured Concurrent Object Oriented Prolog.- The Implementation of a Distributed Smalltalk.- Implementing Concurrency Control in Reliable Distributed Object-Oriented Systems.- An Implementation of an Operating System Kernel using Concurrent Object Oriented Language ABCL/c+.- Debugging Concurrent Systems Based on Object Groups.- Fitting Round Objects Into Square Databases.- Database Concepts Discussed in an Object Oriented Perspective.- Object Oriented Programming and Computerised Shared Material.- Asynchronous Data Retrieval from an Object-Oriented Database.- An Overview of OOPS+, an Object-Oriented Database Programming Language.- PCLOS: A Flexible Implementation of CLOS Persistence.- A Shared, Persistent Object Store.
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