Learning Software Organizations. Methodology and Applications

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November 2000



This book constitutes the thoroughly refereed and revised post-conference documentation of the 11th International Conference on Software Engineering and Knowledge Engineering, SEKE'99, held in Kaiserslautern, Germany in June 1999. The book provides a unique overview of current activities, approaches, and trends in learning software organizations. The first part gives an overview on the topic, covering foundations in the software engineering domain, enabling techniques for organizational learning, and learning support techniques. The second and the third part of the book on methodology and applications present thoroughly revised full papers of the most interesting papers on learning software organizations presented during SEKE'99 and its satellite workshop LSO'99.


and Motivation.- Learning organizations in the software engineering domain.- Enabling techniques for learning organizations.- Outlook.- The contributions from SEKE'99 and LSO'99 to this book.- Systematic population, utilization, and maintenance of a repository for comprehensive reuse.- On developing a repository structure tailored for reuse with improvement.- Systematically diagnosing and improving the perceived usefulness of organizational memories.- Technical requirements for the implementation of an experience base.- Proactive knowledge delivery for enterprise knowledge management.- Goal-oriented and similarity-based retrieval of software engineering experienceware.- A knowledge management lifecycle for experience packages on software engineering technologies.- Knowledge management at a software house: An experience report.- "Talk to paula and peter-They are experienced" the experience engine in a nutshell.- Push or pull: Two cognitive modes of systematic experience transfer at DaimlerChrysler.- Collecting, storing and utilizing information about improvement opportunities: A discussion of the nontechnological barriers to success.- Transferring and evolving experience: A practical approach and its application on software inspections.


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