Anatomy and Human Movement Pocketbook

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At last a concise pocketbook covering all the essential anatomy you need to prepare for your exams and clinical placements. All the areas of the body are covered by region and include bones, muscles, joints as well as movement, palpation, origin, insersion, and nerve supply. Common injuries, radiographs, MRI scans, CAT scans showing normal vs abnormal graphs are also included. Sections are covered in bite size chunks with easy navigation should you need to look up something in a hurry - an essential book to have in your pocket.


1. Introduction Planes and directions Movements Bone Joints Muscle Peripheral nerves Levers Skin Lymphatic system 2. The upper limb Introduction Pertoral girdle Shoulder Elbow Forearm Wrist and carpus Hand Summary - muscles and movements Nerve supply Blood vessels 3. The lower limb Introduction Pelvic girdle Hip Knee Tibiofibular joitns Ankle Foot Ankle and foot Summary - muscles and movements Nerve supply Blood vessels 4. The trunk and neck Thorax Vertebral column Summary - muscles and movements Abdomen and pelvis 5. The head and brain Skull Ear Eye Index


"This book is an excellent study aid, covering all areas of the essential anatomy, condensed into an easy to read and well-illustrated book. Its colour coordinated sections make it easy to navigate, especially when in a hurry! As well as covering the basic anatomy this book also includes common injuries and a variety of diagnostic scans. I would defiantly recommend this book to all students studying Physiotherapy or working in Physiotherapy as a quick guide to relevant anatomy, that's small enough to fit in your pocket!" "Hannah Cochrane, Physiotherapy Student, University of Liverpool, UK." "Applied anatomy boxes throughout the text put anatomy into clinical context.Very clear diagrams and information on location of ligaments around the joints of the body.Very comprehensive content for a 'pocketbook'.? "Shula Baker, Physiotherapy Student, Keele University, UK." "What a great little book, perfect for taking on placement with you or just having in the workplace as an easy reference book! I have the full version of this book and it is a superb book so this pocket sized edition will allow me to access information when away from home, without having to transport the full version...it contains all the key information you need: so whether a student on the bus revising your anatomy or as a reference in the workplace, it is a brilliant little book." "Linda Wilkinson, Physiotherapy Student, University of Southampton" "This pocketbook nicely fills the gap between basic anatomy and the study of movement as required by physiotherapists. Given it is a small book it covers a wide range of topics and does so without sacrificing essential detail....The anatomical content is well written and precise, covering often complex areas in a manner that is user-friendly- and hence very readable...This pocketbook would make an ideal quick reference book for physiotherapy students of Anatomy and will, due to its clear descriptions and logical style aid understanding of complex anatomical an
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